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Frank Lloyd Wright's Only Skyscraper - Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Construction Dates: November 10, 1953- February 9, 1956

In 1952, Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned by H.C. Price to build a new headquarters for the H.C. Price Company, a company that specialized in oil and gas pipeline tools and construction. Concerning his collaboration with the famous architect, H.C. Price said this: "I wanted a three story building with about 25,000 feet of floor space. He (Frank Lloyd Wright) said immediately that three floors was most inefficient and suggested ten floors of 2,500 square feet each. We finally compromised on nineteen floors and included apartments with the offices." - ( Frank Lloyd Wright, The Story of the Tower - Pg. 9. Horizon Press, New York 1956.)

The tower's revolutionary design is based on four central concrete pylons. Floors are then cantilevered off of the central core (each concrete pylon acts like a tree trunk supporting the projecting branches of the tree, absorbing the weight of each successive floor). Each section is fashioned in a diamond modular pattern of 30 and 60 degree triangles. The tower's ornamentation is dominated by gold-tinted glass and patinated copper cladding. The Price Tower stands 191 feet tall (221 feet including spire) with 37,000 square feet of floor space.

Today, the Price Tower is a multi-purpose facility. It is home to the Price Tower Arts Center (museum and art gallery located at the base of the tower which includes an exhibit on the history of the Price Tower along with many original furnishings on display), and the Inn at Price Tower (a hotel with nineteen rooms located in the upper floors of the towers which includes Copper Restaurant+Bar). Tours are offered Tuesday through Sunday and include a visit to the restored 19th floor H.C. Price executive suite and corporate apartment with its original 1956 interior. See the Price Tower website for further information.

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The Price Tower was based upon an earlier unrealized 1929 design for St. Mark's Apartments in New York City. Wright tried on many occasions to build from this design. He wanted to create a unique and modern skyscraper for the American landscape. Structural similarities can be seen between the Price Tower and the S.C. Johnson Company Labratory Tower found in Racine, Wisconsin.
Price Tower is listed in the National Register of Historic Places (#74001670).

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